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Beware of BPA & Phthalates in your dog toys!

With Christmas right around the corner I thought it would be a good time to chat about dog toys & safety. All our dogs will be sniffing out their parcels under the Christmas tree, right? What are they looking for? Toys of course!

There have been a lot of changes in the market for baby bottles and kids’ toys after studies showed that BPA & Phthalates (two hormone altering chemicals) were being consumed by babies and kids while toys and bottles were being sucked & chewed on. These toxins are found in many hard plastics and vinyl. My little girl was born about 4 years ago and everyone in mothers’ group knew to look for bottles and toys that were BPA & Phthalate free.

Awareness has risen in regard to our children. But what about our dogs? In a much more recent study it’s been proven that dog toys, too, can leach these dangerous chemicals into dogs.  The plastic bumper toys tested leached these chemicals readily into canine saliva. Tests were done by leaving the dog toys in dishes of canine saliva for a period of time. When pre-chewed, the toys leached even more toxins than new toys… Yikes! This indicates to me that dogs may be at even greater risk than babies & kids. I mean just compare the jaw power! When a dog chews up a toy sometimes only tiny little bits remain. Kids often barely make a mark.

The exact effects of BPA & Phthalates on dogs are not known as canine studies haven’t yet been conducted. But studies on humans and rats show links to impaired reproductive organs and cancers. Do we want to take the chance here? I certainly don’t with my dog.

Want some good news? There are companies who are absolutely onto this and producing safe toys for dogs. I certainly would be wary of purchasing cheap dog toys produced in China and I would do my research before buying my furry friend a toy. At Waggle we’ve done the research and we only carry dog toys that are BPA & Phthalate free. Here are some brands you can trust in this regard: West Paw Design, Starmark and Ruff Wear. Not only do these companies make safe toys but their toys are strong and built to last. By the way, the dog in the picture’s got a perfectly safe Ruff Wear toy between the chompers. No dogs were harmed in this photo. : ) Happy Christmas and safe shopping everyone!

For more information on this topic and the study on BPA & Phthalates and Dogs have a look at this link.

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